Background Information:

Metroplan Port Elizabeth is a dynamic and progressive Town Planning company, which strives through

innovative approaches to develop pro-active land use management systems that will lead to greater

benefits to clients and the Community as a whole.

Centred in the Eastern Cape, having been established in 1980, Metroplan, Port Elizabeth, is the largest

and oldest Town Planning Consultancy in the region, where it has carried out extensive works of large

and complex scale, and is continuously involved in pivotal projects.


Metroplan, Port Elizabeth, is committed to the region, has in particular been part of the Coega IDZ Planning since 1997 where it has gained extensive experience in dealing with multidisciplinary teams and handing complex issues with consultants. The relationships, which are established between Metroplan and the personnel of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, as well as officials at Provincial and National Department levels, render Metroplan capable of dealing expediently with processes and tasks at hand. Also, a wealth of background information on numerous topics, relevant to the area, has been gleaned while working on other projects.


The team, which boasts a high level of expertise, is comprised of three professional town planners and their support staff who specialize in areas of technical, administrative and facilitation assistance, all being dedicated to their task and striving for service excellence. A healthy racial and gender mix is evident in the make-up of the company, which has always been an equal opportunity employer ensuring the development of its staff.


By sending staff members on necessary training programmes to keep them up to date with the latest available technology the best possible service is ensured to our clients.


Ownership of the Company:

Partners Mr Ndaba Ndzombane and Mr Lance Del Monte head the Port Elizabeth office. All are corporate members of the South African Planning Institution (SAPI) and are registered with the Council for Town and Regional Planners as Professional Town and Regional Planners(SACTRP).



Metroplan has been involved in a number of planning and housing projects which have been award winners.

The following are relevant.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I convert/develop a farm or piece of land into a residential township or business units?


An application for Subdivision and/ or Rezoning can be prepared by an accredited Town Planner(s) Metroplan Town & Regional Planners) Where:


  • Investigations will be done about the site
  • Layout and Site development plans prepared
  • Motivation Report
  • Submission to the municipality for approval


I own two or more adjacent properties. Is it possible to consolidate then and create one big portion?


Yes. AN Accredited town planner can apply on your behalf to the municipality for consolidation of the properties, where prepartion of the aforementioned documents shall be done.


Is it possible to use a site for uses other than stipulated by the zoning scheme e.g. operating a business within a residential land use zone.


Yes. An accredited planner will investigate permitted uses/special consent uses and prepare an application for rezoning or a special consent for the preferred business.


Is it possible to erect a building overlapping the municipal building lines?


Yes. An accredited Town planner can investigate and prepare an application for a departure/relaxation of building lines.


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